Best Wood Whittling Knives And Which Is Better For Beginners

Why is a good whittling knife so important?

There are many opportunities for an wood craver to carve. To complete a successful work, it is essential to have a suitable wood whittling knife, which is an important whittling tool for any carvers. 

Whittling is the easiest way to carve wood, you can start with any ordinary carving knife.  However, there are a number of suppliers that specialize in wood carving tools at a lower price. 

But these wood whittling tools make it harder to carve, these knives for whittling really less accurately, and can affect your technique and make you very unhappy.  Will slow down your progress in whittling, and then slowly lose interest in your carving.

Since we spend hours working on a piece of wood each time we carve, it is important to enjoy the pleasure of carving for such a long time. If the wood whittling kit you use is not good enough and fails, you will get frustrated and may even quit the job. 

We hope you can get more professional and cost-effective carving tools.  

We feel that the use of ineffective knives has a very negative impact on the carving art.  Whether wood carving is your job or a passion hobby, buying a knife that suits your style is essential.  

Take a look at some of the best knives for whittling on the market! 

What kind of Wood whittling knife is the best?

If you want to make sure you're getting a good quality knife, it's got to be sharp, and the

Rockwell hardness (HRC) will determine the hardness of steel. and also not too expensive.  

  1. HRC of Steel Blade

Generally speaking, Rockwell hardness (HRC) can determine the hardness of steel.  

Better brands should have an HRC between 58 and 62. 

If less than 58, the edge will wear out badly and quickly, and if more than 62, the edge will may break easily during use.

Wood Carving Competition


  1. Rust resistance 

All the whittling knife set will rust less easily if they are nitrided.

If there is forging, rust prevention is also good.

Otherwise, there will be signs of rust in about 2 months.

  1. Handle

The handle is comfortable to hold or not and does it look nice, it have to be suitable for the size of the hand,  No matter what kind of wood it is, firstly Beautiful shape will also make people happy and help your carving work.

     4. Price Brand awareness 

Best Wood Carving Detail Knives

If you are a beginner, don’t know how to find the information suitable for their own wood whittling tools, you can compare the following products below of each brand.  

There are plenty brands of options, it's easy to find the pros and cons of those knives for whittling.  Carefully compare the knife blade and metal advantages, so that you can improve the efficiency of your choice and find your own carving knife.  

Choosing the right product is always a matter of trying. Different brands of products mean different price ranges, Brand premium is also inevitable, some brands sale whittling knife set really high Because they have product quality and after-sales service.

And we will help you to analyse what is good and what is not.  If you want to find the most suitable for their carving tools, you can go to buy these whittling knives to compare.


What whittling tools brands and styles are available on the market?

And what are their advantages and disadvantages? 

  • Bevercraft

Bevercraft has a large selection of different carving tools to choose from and sells complete woodcarving kits that give you the tools almost you need,

The BeaverCraft woodcarving knife can replace almost all other wood carving tools, at least for basic wood carving kits.


So what is the best cost-effective Wood Whittling Knife set for beginners ?  


BeaverCraft whittling knife set will be.

This brand commonly used by professional woodcarvers as well as beginners.  And everyone can afford it. 

These tools are razor sharp when taken out of the box, And you to start carving as soon as possible,  But Beavercraft knives blade is Thicker. These blade is too thick to carve flexibly.




Steel : 30MnB5 Steel

Rockwell Hardness (RC) : 58 – 62

The 3.15 "blade is made of durable high carbon steel. 

This High-quality whittling knife not only brings more pleasure to beginner carvers, but also bring convenience to use. 



The oak handles for these whittling tools are comfortable to hold. This will help you get good grades in wood carving.  

As a beginner in woodcarving, starting with a knife like that is a great way to learn techniques before upgrading to professional. 

The handle and the blade will easy to cut out a spoon with this carving knife.

Beavercraft is a well known brand now and offers excellent customer service, so you can be confident making this your first wood carving set.  


That’s more affordable than Flexcut. 

Pick this up if you're just getting started and want to pick up an affordable blade to get started. 


Advantages  :

Affordable, Average Price $12 - $20.  

Nice handle and good blade.  


Disadvantages  :

The handle shape is not very ergonomic. 

The blades are thicker than competing brands. 


  • Mora 106

Mora knife is a good choice of wood whittling knives in the market.  With its laminated high carbon steel blade, and comfortable handle, you'll meet your Sloyd knives characteristics you want.

The Mora knife has a nice protect by the knife's storage and makes it easier for you to carry.  

The only thing not so good is the Laminated Carbon Steel itself.  The core of the blade is made of high carbon steel, but the thin outer layers are slightly softer steel.  This can sometimes lead to edge passivation after heavy use.  But you can sharpen it at any time. 


The Morakniv 106 whittling knife good for beginners because the blade length of 3.2 inches, which is light and excellent to use.  

The blade is made of durable laminated steel, which rarely needs to be sharpened and is very sharp.  The knife made by Morakniv maintained an accurate cut, and the larger blade allowed for a more generous whittling. 


Steel: Laminated Carbon Steel

Rockwell Hardness (RC) :59 – 60

Average Price $23 – $27

Similar to his brother Morakniv 120, the handle is oiled birch, and if it fits your hand, the grip is fine without modification. The handle is slightly larger and ergonomically made to give your hands more easy to control over the blade.  

The 106 wood whittling knife is the perfect for beginners because of its size for better blade control and precision whittling.  With extreme sharpness, beginners can minimize the possibility of injury. 


Strong and durable high carbon steel.

Have rust resistant steel coating.



Slightly more expensive than the other options.  

The blade edge sharpness still not very good.


  • Flexcut

If you are looking for a knife made from quality steel, the Flexcut whittling knife set will be good choice.  

Flexcut Sloyd Knife (KN50) is an excellent quality knife, and this one designed will last a longtime to use!  The blade and the knife overall designs are high class . 

If you're looking for a good brand carving knife with a more mature technology, buy a Flexcut. 


Steel : High Carbon Spring Steel

Rockwell Hardness (RC) 59 – 61



The handle is made of ash wood and fit comfortably in your hand.  

Such a professional wood carving tool. 



These knives are slightly more expensive than some of the other whittling knives on the market, but for expert they're worth the price.  

Probably, one thing not so good is that this whittling knife currently doesn't have a scabbard, and the Flexcut is sold separately for $17 to $20.  However, regular Sloyd knives do have a scabbard and cost a little more than the knife itself. 


Advantages  :

Ergonomic handle  

These brand Wood carving tools really professionals  


Disadvantages  :

Flexcut focuses on professionals, not beginners  

The price is higher 


  • Opinel Knives


Steel XC90 Carbon Steel

Rockwell Hardness (RC) 57 – 59

Blade length: 3.35″


Opinel's carbon steel knives are more durable stainless steel knives, making them an excellent choice for whittling.  

For many woodcarvers, it's important to have an affordable, portable whittling knife, and the Opinel Pocket knife is made of hard carbon steel, it is slightly heavier than some of the other knives on this list. 

However, it is also extremely durable and will last for years with minimal maintenance and sharpening.  The handle is ergonomic and comfortable to hold, making this your carry-on knife for any craft or chore.  

This is a very light and simple knife, from its beautiful thin blade to its lightweight beech handle, which makes it very affordable and suitable for any budget.  



The handle is hardwood, ensuring it will last long and last.  The overall knife is also light and easy to operate. 

In fact, the Opinell Whittling Knife has been named one of the 100 most beautiful products in the world.  

Also, this useful knife is easy to handle.  However, it is more famous for more than a century of history. 

Advantages  :

Small size  

Do you have a Virobloc ring lock system .


Disadvantages  :

Some professional wood carvers don't like small sizes.

Not the best choice for wood carving.


  • Focuser Carving Knives

If you are very serious about the quality and Carving effectiveness of products, and also a higher price is acceptable, you may good to look at this brand.

Also, this useful knives have different steel styles.


FC0 Style:

Steel : O1 Tool Steel

Rockwell Hardness (RC) 59 – 60

Wood Handle: Beech Wood.

Best wood Whittling knife


FC1 Style:

Steel : 52100 Steel

Rockwell Hardness (RC) 59 – 60

Wood Handle: Cherry Wood.

Best Whittling knives


Different Carving Tools Form 22 - 69 usd.

Have 52100 Steel Blades. 14.99usd.

Best Wood Carving Blade

And Spoon Carving Knives And More Carving Tools For Sale.

Best Wood Carving Spoon Knives

Wood Carving detail knife

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