Focuser Carving "Santa "Online Competition 2023

At the request of our carving friends, we decided to hold 2023 Focuser Carving Online Competition #FCOC2023 to increase more interest and fun for the their carving time.

Hope Focuser Carving Friends can enjoy it and have fun.😎😎

Competiton Time : Dec-2023 to Jan-2024.

(Start time will be released soon)


1. The Rules:

1) Mainly Use Focuser Carving Knife.
2) Upload Carving video and pictures to your instagram account in 1 post.

Then  @focusercarving to let us know your competition work.

Will be mostly like #FCOC2022 last competiton to see the carving content:

 : 3-6 pictures and at least 1 video.

3) Show the carving process details in video, important.
4) The carving shape needs to be beautiful.


2. Round Updating

 First Round: "Santa", It may like these,

(Carving Request Wasn't Publish Until The Start Of The Day)

 Second Round:.... (Updating)


 All 👆👆Pictures 👆👆from #FCOC2022 1st Place Marias_Wichtelwerkstatt

3. The Prizes for Place final competitors: ( All Updating .... ).

1st: FC206+FC207+FC208...

2nd: FC206+FC207+...

3rd: FC208+....

4th: FC208+....

5th: FC208+...



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