Focuser Carving "Santa "Online Competition 2024

At the request of our carving friends, we decided to hold 2023 Focuser Carving Online Competition to increase more interest and fun for the their carving time.

Hope Focuser Carving Friends can enjoy it and have fun.😎😎

Competiton Time : Dec-2024 to Jan-2025.

(Start time will be released soon)

1. The Rules:

1) Mainly Use Focuser Carving Knife.
2) Upload Carving video and pictures to your instagram account in 1 post.

Then  @focusercarving to let us know your competition work.

Will be mostly like #FCOC2022 last competiton to see the carving content:

 : 3-6 pictures and at least 1 video.

3) Show the carving process details in video, important.
4) The carving shape needs to be beautiful.


2. Round Updating

 First Round: "Santa", It may like these,

(Carving Request Wasn't Publish Until The Start Of The Day)

 Second Round:.... (Updating)


 All 👆👆Pictures 👆👆from #FCOC2022 1st Place Marias_Wichtelwerkstatt

3. The Prizes for Place final competitors: ( All Updating .... ).

1st: FC206+FC207+FC208...

2nd: FC206+FC207+...

3rd: FC208+....

4th: FC208+....

5th: FC208+...


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