Dropshipping is a retail selling fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products Stock. Instead, when your store sells a product, you purchases the item from us , we will ship the order directly to your customer.

As a result, you not need to see or handles the product.

With the dropshipping model, you don't have to purchase a product to get it to your side,

We send the package to customer directly after you order in our website. or you send the money and your customer's address to us by paypal, wester union, or credit card.

If you have many fans or customers , we can do the dropshipping for you. and send to your customer directly. we can win win to make money.

Firstly. we send you our products info inclulding pictures and prices.

then you post it in your instagram. facebook. Websites. or other place.

Secondly. customer order then paid you money. and then you pay me lower price then i send to your customers.

Wood Whittling Knife

For example, you sell 200 usd and you only pay me 150usd, will get 50usd profit.

so we will be more and more orders done. you not need to buy any thing but only post our products , that will be ok..

our products are very Popular and good quality and best price. Hope we can have some business like that.

wood Carving knife for beginner

Dropshipping is ony way for sale without keeping products in stock , and we have other way "ShareAsale Affiliate"to get 20% commisson if you sale orders.

Please click here to check the "ShareAsale Affiliate", More easier and convenient.

Any News please contact us:

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Email: simon@cijajacoffee.com