Focuser Carving Online Competition 2022

At the request of our carving friends, we decided to hold 2022 Focuser Carving Online Competition #FCOC2022 to increase more interest and fun for the their carving time.

Hope Focuser Carving Friends can enjoy it and have fun.😎😎


1. The Rules:

1) Mainly Use Focuser Carving Knife.
2) Upload Carving video and pictures to your instagram account in 1 post.

Then @ @focusercarving to let us know your competition work.

Will be mostly like @woodcarvingman, check his account see the carving process, and remember to show the whole carving shape different angles in 3-6 pictures and at least 1 video.

3) Show the carving process details in video, important.
4) The carving shape needs to be beautiful.


2. Competiton Time For #FCOC2022 :


  First Round: (carving content : Bing Dwen Dwen )

Can join if you have Focuser Carving Knife.

Upload to instgram, After the judgment will be 13 carvers Left.


 Semi Final: (Carving Content : Peace Dove, and we hope that the people all over the world will be healthy and happy.)

#FCOC2022 Semi-Final (13 Into 8 to Final),
Now 13 Competitors Name and Instagram Account Below :

Tim Johnson @timinthemitt
Justus Ziedler @holzwurm_200701
Marias @marias_wichtelwerkstatt
Jani Grönlund @jg_woodcrafts
Erhan Bak @erhanbak
Kang CW @kang__cw
Danielle Battisti @nilie.wood
Jaqueline Fonseca @linny_artes
Thor-Harald @kutt_ut_bare_spikk
Alexandra Pekeler @alexandrapekeler
Jacob @jdpalettes
Joris De Fré @handmadespoons
Debayan Ghosh @carrythecaricature

After 13 carvers upload, will be 8 carvers left.

Final 8 Competitors :

Jacob @jdpalettes
Justus Ziedler @holzwurm_200701
Marias @marias_wichtelwerkstatt
Erhan Bak @erhanbak
Kang CW @kang__cw
Jaqueline Fonseca @linny_artes
Thor-Harald @kutt_ut_bare_spikk
Debayan Ghosh @carrythecaricature

 Final : (Free Carving With Your Love, Passion, Story)


1st :   Marias      @marias_wichtelwerkstatt (Germany)

2nd: Debayan Ghosh @carrythecaricature (India)

3rd: Erhan Bak            @erhanbak                 (Turkey)

4th: Thor-Harald   @kutt_ut_bare_spikk     (Norway)

5th: Justus Ziedler @holzwurm_200701 (Germany)

6th: Jacob              @jdpalettes                (Canada)

7th: Kang CW        @kang__cw                (Malaysia)

8th: Jaqueline Fonseca  @linny_artes      ( Brazil)

3. The Prizes for 1-8th Place final competitors: ( All Updating .... ).


2nd: New Spoon Carving Knife+...

3rd: FC015+....

4th: FC013+....

5th: FC005+...

6th: FC005+...

7th: FC005+....

8th:  Apron + Long Blade + Carving Bag + FC016+ New Knife FC022 + Birch Scabbard+ New knife Sample


All Competiton Posts Can Click below to See : 



4. The Prizes for Judges: ( All Updating .... ).

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