Basswood Wood Carving Blocks Also For Beginner Carvers
Basswood Wood Carving Blocks Also For Beginner Carvers
Basswood Wood Carving Blocks Also For Beginner Carvers

Basswood Wood Carving Blocks Also For Beginner Carvers

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Our Wood Carving Friends are Always Asking :

Where to buy the best basswood for whittling?

We tried more different kinds of basswood carving blocks,

We finally tried out a better set. It's five pieces and wraps them up in one pack.

basswood for carving

What wood is good for carving?

Basswood will be the one, The hardness is moderate for wood carving, the structure density is nice and the wood character is not easy to crack, Also the wood grain is fine and easy to carve, With strong toughness and very good for your hand wood carving.

basswood carving blocks

We have more beginner wood carving kits.
For this base wood block set Dimensions :
1 piece – 50 x 50 x 100 mm
4 pieces – 25 x 25 x 100 mm
basswood carving blocks
basswood for whittling
If you want bigger basswood for carving, can contact us, we have more sizes blocks.
wood carving blocks

1. Our Team

Our team focus on artistic creation products.

Mike Simonou is one of the founders of the team and is responsible for the management and operation of this project.

The coffee art brand Barista Space is one of the best coffee tool brands in the world. It has a great reputation in the world coffee industry and is used by baristas in many coffee shops every day. You can check the website and Barista Space social networking .

Wood Carving art brand has Focuser Carving,

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Focuser means, the man who focusing on the art of carving,

And for us, also focus on making more innovative designs and good quality products.

2. Our History

Founded in 2015, our company mainly provides products for artistic creation.To meet the needs of art lovers and all kinds of art professionals.

Focuser Carving, first of all, we've been thinking.The demand of many carvers is that the products are of high cost performance and good quality, but it is difficult to buy them.



So we have to make amazing products, so that more friends can join the ranks of artistic creation.

After we established the company, we started to think about the direction in 2015, and prepared to face the market. we started product development and launched the brand in 2019.

3. Our Goal

From the very beginning, our products were designed from the user's point of view.

Our brand is always willing to explore new designs, if you have good design ideas, please let us know.

With the help of our friends of Focuser Carving, our innovative series of Carving tools is becoming more and more popular and varied.

Our factory also continues to add the most advanced equipment and our supporters continue to communicate, so that we can focus more on the design and good use of products.

Focuser Carving trying best to present the carving field a good brand. produce highest quality products, for every man who focus on carving.

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Any Questions Please Contact - Mike Ou:

Whatsapp: +86 18802603047


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