Wood Carving Tools Free Sample Activity

We have Some FC018 And S1 Set (FC 001-004)  professional wood carving tools in stock. And also have chip carving knives.

These wood carving tools for sale now. And this free samples program will close very soon.️

Now ( May - June) have Knife for free, The best wood carving knife for beginners , just pay shipping charge 17usd by paypal.

And Then Please Choose one knife from these 5 Carving Knives.

1) Focuser Carving Cutting Knife FC001 

2 Carving Detail Knife FC002

3) Pelican Carving Knife FC003

4Carving Mini Detail Knife FC004

5Carving Mini Detail Knife FC018

If you can make videos or pictures for our wood carving tool kit.

Make the review posts in Instagram will better.

Or if you want to order our wood carving knife set S1. 

wood carving knife near me


And also chip carving knife free sample testing project.


6) Chip Carving Knife FC016


Chip Carving Knife Set


7) Chip Carving Knife FC019


best chip carving knife


8) Chip Carving Knife FC020


chip carving knives reviews


9) Chip Carving Knife FC021


wood chipping knife

Send Message to our  Instagram account @focusercarving and we can have more gifts or discount.

😎Wholesaler can send Inquiry to email simon@cijajacoffee.com

We send worldwide , and all countries the same.

Shipping 17usd pay to our paypal account:

And also send us these and we keep address first will ok:

1. Name.
2. Address.
3. Zip code.(Post Code)
4. Phone Number. (Can not send if not have)

..And then we will prepare soon.

Can Open Our Products Listing and See More Reviews For S1 Set  Here

Or see our review videos in Our Youtube Account.

If you want to Laser your Name/Logo one custom carving tools, please click here to check them.

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