Wood Carving Tools Testing Sample Activity

In our Instagram , Now have Some professional Carving Chisel&palm Tools for testing. 

 And this Testing samples program will close very soon (July,2023 ).️

The products still making now and will finish production soon.

All Testing Payment (including shipping charge) is 25usd.

And Then Please Choose one knife from these below 2 sets:

1) One knife from S6 set.

2) One knife from S7 set.

Send Message to our  Instagram account @focusercarving and 

We send worldwide , and all countries the same.

After 25usd pay to

Our paypal account:

And also send us these info and we will send later:

1. Name.
2. Address.
3. Zip code.(Post Code)
4. Phone Number. (Can not send if not have)

If you feel good after testing, pls share to your ins account.



FocuserCarving Team